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LightsOut - an interesting game based on math puzzle

LightsOut game was created by a group of people including Avi Olti, Gyora Benedek, Zvi Herman, Revital Bloomberg, Avi Weiner and Michael Ganor.

The objective of the game is to switch off all the lights.  When a light is clicked, the state (on or off) is  toggled along with the adjacent horizontal and vertical lights.

This LightsOut game has altogether 99 puzzles. There is a solution provider  which shows the solution for the provided  puzzles. It will show the solution even after any of the puzzles is altered by clicking in the play mode or edit mode. The editing mode will enable enthusiasts to edit any puzzle and  check if there is any solution. I think this will help maths enthusiasts. The unique feature of this program is that it solves puzzles in minimum number of moves, which I think is not available in the net for this types of offline versions. The background music comprises of an soothing melody of santoor.

There are two versions:

1) Limited Version: Has only ten puzzles. Gives solutions of the original puzzles only. Editing mode has been disabled.Click the link below and choose- Save File.


2) The full version is priced at $8.00. Click the button below to get it. Give your eMail ID at the payment site, so that installation password can be mailed to you. You will be automatically directed to the download page after successful payment.